Fashion Revolution Week 2020

This week is #fashionrevolution week, when we strive to bring awareness to the people and processes behind FAST FASHION.

Talking about all of the issues around FAST FASHION isn’t very easy to do because it makes us look at the stories we don’t like to hear about…child labor, forced labor, human trafficking, environmental destruction and horrible wasting of our natural resources.

FAST FASHION includes jewelry, not just costume jewelry. There is a lot of fine jewelry being made around the world that is not responsible.

Where are your gemstones, diamonds and metal being mined? By who? Are there children working at the mine? Is there gender equality? Are the miners paid a living wage? Is the mine owner practicing responsible environmental reclamation? Are they polluting the water? Do they use mercury?

We have to ask just as many questions about the gemstone and diamond cutting facilities as well as the jewelry manufacturing situations. Are there chemicals being used? How are the chemicals stored and disposed of? If the jewelry breaks, is it repairable?

These are the questions that have to be asked – by everyone, including consumers.

Jewelry cannot be ‘Sustainable’ because the natural resources we use to make it cannot be restored or replaced, but how we design and make jewelry can be sustainable, we can responsibly source our materials and integrate sustainable principles in our business models.

We need to work together to make change in the Fashion and Jewelry industries. Let’s be change makers together, let’s all participate in  #fashionrevolution week.

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