Spring at East Fourth Street Jewelry

April Showers Brings May Flowers Inventory Sale!

Stay tuned for our first inventory spring sale!
Green shoots are showing up everywhere and the air is beginning to have that earthy spring aroma that means things are waking up underground.
It's April, and we have all been sheltered in place for over a month. Keeping in touch is important to me because I love sharing my design and jewelry with all of you. Having to stay isolated is challenging but I feel fortunate to have a home and family to shelter with. I've reached out to many of you recently and wanted to send a' Hello and Thank you' to all of you that continue to stay in touch and support small businesses.
Our spring lineup at East Fourth Street will be changing in the next few weeks as we clean our closets to make room for new pieces that will hopefully bring joy to your day.  We are excited about our upcoming May sale!

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