JA-New York, New Designer Gallery

We are so excited that East Fourth Street was invited along with a small group of U.S. jewelry designers to exhibit in the New Designer Gallery last week for the invitation only Jewelers of America – New York wholesale show. Our experience was fabulous, meeting new clients, jewelry designers and press people. 

Thanks to the ultimate jewelry brand curator Liz Kantner, we were able to participate in this inspiring event. Take a look at the Look Book for the show to see other beautiful pieces of jewelry by other designers in the show. One of our favorite places to go in New York is the MAD museum. We were lucky to see an exhibition about the history of purses. Purses are an adornment like jewelry, so it was interesting to see the direction and style over the years. 


Exhibiting in a show that is the caliber of the New Designers Gallery, brings press opportunities around the show. National Jewelers Magazine, one of the top jewelry magazines in the country did a wonderful expose of me and my fellow New Designers Gallery artists. I was pretty blown away to have a 2-page spread in a magazine of this quality. Thank you National Jewelers Magazine and Ashley Davis for including East Fourth Street Jewelry in your article!





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