We Are About You

Susan Crow jewelry designer working at her bench.

Susan Crow believes that beautiful objects should be made with respect for our earth and the people that live there. She supports equity for all people – globally, and has built her business on her convictions that all people are created equal and we all need to experience beauty.

Susan’s roots are grounded in the midwest heartland with strong northern connections of Scandinavian design and culture – where being stewards of the earth was expected.

Minimalism and functionality blend with Susan’s attraction to industrial simplicity, mechanically and aesthetically, and their symbiotic relationship. This is evident in her contemporary designs.

Precious minerals are not sustainable because they are extracted and don’t grow back. Using that as a business principle, Susan strives to find gold, diamonds and gemstones that are as responsibly sourced as possible. She has been licensed to sell Fairmined gold since 2013 and has integrated responsible sourcing process improvements into her gold, diamond and gemstone sourcing. She partners with venders and organizations that build schools, insist on gender equality and create positive change for all stakeholders in the jewelry industry. Most importantly they pay their small scale artisanal miner partners a fair living wage. 

Susan received her degree in design and metal smithing, and a post graduate certificate in Sustainable Design. Her fine jewelry is a balance of form, proportion and color - design elements that will enhance their heirloom quality.

Currently, Susan is an active member of numerous professional jewelry organizations and sits on the board of Ethical Metalsmiths. She has exhibited at New York Fashion Week and Milan Fashion Week as well as winning the 2019 MJSA Award of Distinction for Sustainable Design. Her work is available through her website and by appointment at her studio.

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