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Last February I had the absolute delight of being invited to exhibit in Milan Italy during Milan Fashion Week in an exhibition dedicated to contemporary jewelry design. On top of the exhibition, spending a week in Milan popping into espresso cafes, running around with my husband and my Italian friend Francesco was enough to make 2019 my year's ultimate experience.

I would be remiss not to share with you some of the Milan street-style clothing and shoes that I saw. The fashion statements for both men and women were sophisticated, practical and beautifully made. It was February and chilly and we saw absolutely no heels on women - instead, different renditions of chunky, black 3/4 boots and shoes with thick soles. The non-gender look still had the Italian design flair with larger than life zippers, trim and hardware that took their design sense up many levels. Paired with ankle length stove pipe trouser pants, the style was flattering on both sexes.

Women in their 40's + were sporting fabulous sneakers that they blended with non-workout street clothing as only Italian women can. Of course they were comfortable, but the story was chic and individual which made their personal combinations eclectically perfect.


As if being in Milan Fashion Week wasn't enough –   months after I returned, I received an email from the leading B2B Italian Fashion Trend magazine, Collezioni Accessori, requesting my press material and images for their upcoming trend analysis issue. They were including a special feature about sustainable brands and they felt that East Fourth Street was/is a good example of a ‘tasteful and contemporary indie design brand…’ 

All of a sudden it made all the attention and work we give towards promoting and addressing responsible sourcing in the jewelry industry so worth it.

Collezioni Accessori’s writeup on my brand, East Fourth Street was sent to all of the major European womenswear trade shows for their 2020 trend.

Earrings highlighted in Collezioni Accessori are 18kt Fairmined yellow gold and rose-cut Malawi Sapphires.

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